How to destroy the Carpenter Ants colony inside the House

In Northern US the carpenter ants are the most common household pests. To build their colonies inside the wood they seek out the moist woods. This way the carpenter ant help us to get rid of those rotten woods, rotten old stumps and decomposing fallen tree. By their natural habit, carpenter ants are most beneficial creatures. However, their colonies of ants are makes their way to build nest in you...

How to find and kill Fire Ants

Over the years peoples have developed so many methods to kill fire ants in their yards. To stay safe from the fire ants attack, peoples are trying so many homemade procedures like pouring boiling water into the fire ants mounts and homemade chemicals mixtures used over the fire ants. However most of these techniques are not so effective to kill those fire ants mounts.   Killing the Fire Ant Q...

What kinds of ants can be resides inside your home

Having household pests in house is common problem for peoples but having ants in house is most annoying and embarrassing one. These ants in your home can damage your house carpentry, your foods or sometimes some peoples gets an allergic problem with these ants bite. Everybody knows one single bite of these ants is painful. Then just think, if you are on to a those thousands of painful ants, it may...


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