10 Best Flea Bombs & Flea Foggers of 2020

Do you have pets? If you have, then your house invaded by blood-sucking fleas. To control them, in this article we mention best flea bombs or flea foggers that you can apply inside the house when you feel uncomfortable with fleas.

Find how the flea Bombs and Flea Foggers help to control fleas.
Harmful fleas.

Fleas and other such insects spread the most dreadful diseases. It can become dangerous for us to let them breed around. Therefore, it’s your first priority to take action when seeing some fleas around you. Mostly, you don’t see them. They can even be nearby in the cleanest environments. So, how did you get rid of tiny fleas? The best way to eliminate them is by using flea bombs or flea foggers.

10 Best Flea Bombs & Flea Fogger Reviews

#1 – TAT Fogger:

 TAT flea fogger for inddors

TAT fogger is very effective for destroying flea infestation. Also great for killing roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, silverfish, house flies, brown dog ticks and fire-brats. You can use it easily inside the house.

The product contains 3 foggers, it can treat up to 2 big room. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about its odor because it doesn’t have any lingering odor. The formula had a nice lemon scent.  But, make sure you keep the thing out of reach of children.
It can be used in homes, apartments, attics, basements, boats, cabins, campers, garages, and other areas. It can easily kill hidden bugs by penetrating into cracks, crevices, and carpet fibers. Without a doubt, tat fogger is a perfect flea bomb for the house.

#2 – Johnson Fogger:

Johnson flea bomb image

Johnson formulation provides a wide-ranging flea solution. The formula contains 12.6% of permethrin and 87.4% of other ingredients. Don’t worry about the formula, it doesn’t smell bad and has no stain. When you apply it leaves a fresh pleasant scent instead of unpleasant odor and oily residue.
Moreover, this flea bomb has unique smokes that make a way into hidden areas and kills hidden fleas. Also, a dry and fumigating fog is created after applying. The product is very effective against most of the household insects. One more thing it is not safe for children, so make sure to keep it out of reach.

#3 – Hot Shot Fogger for Fleas and Bed Bugs:

HOT SHOT Flea Control

Hotshot is the most effective flea bombs that provide long-lasting prevention from re-infestation by killing fleas, bed bugs, lice, and ticks on contact. The solution has contained a special formula called NYLER which actually helps to stop fleas from growing into an adult stage. It will kill both adult and hatch fleas.
Above all, the fogger can reach the hidden areas and destroy all hidden infestations. It can penetrate into the most hidden spaces like carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, pet bedding, floor cracks, and open cabinets. This product includes 3 CANS and each can treat one single room up to 16 ft x 16 ft. In conclusion, you can choose this product if you are thinking about a comprehensive treatment plan for fleas or bed bugs.

#4 – Vet’s Fleas and Tick Spray :

VET home flea bombs and spray

Next flea fogger is VET’S home spray which is manufactured with plant-based formula. A proven effective formula only for killing fleas, ticks, and flea eggs on contact as well as it repels mosquitoes. Truth is the flea spray is completely natural and pet safe. Without any hesitation, you can use directly inside the house and spray around your dogs. Just spray around beds, pillows, blankets, wardrobe and dog beddings, etc. Also, it can be used outside the house like in the garage, lawns, etc.

Additionally, the product doesn’t stain on surfaces and leaves a fresh natural odor after applying. Actually, Vet spray is made with peppermint oil and eugenol which is mostly made from clove plants. Above all, some other ingredients also combined with the formula such as sodium lauryl sulfate and inert ingredients. VET home spray will be a great choice for your pet if you really want to get rid of fleas and ticks from your dogs.

#5 – Advantage Household Flea Fogger:

advantage household flea bombs fogger

You may look for indoor foggers that can kill only household fleas and ticks. Finally, here it is – The Advantage Cleaning Spray which is manufactured by Bayer Animal Health. The fogger effectively kills fleas, ticks, flies, water bugs, cockroaches, and other pests.

In addition, the treated area is under control for up to 7 months. Once, you apply it remains kills all adults and pre-adult fleas also its eggs. There are some cautions before applying. Therefore, must read the labels before using them. Firstly, you should vacant the treated area for two hours. Generally, the package came with 2 oz canisters that can treat up to 16×16 ft. and 8 ft. ceiling. In comparison with others, using this product is a good choice to get rid of fleas and ticks inside the house.

#6 – Siphotrol Plus Flea Bombs:

Siphotrol plus 2 flea bombs and tick fogger

Siphotrol plus 2 one of the most effective and fast-acting fogger which guaranteed that it can kill all 100% of adult fleas in 10 minutes. Can it really? Yeah, it does kill all the fleas and ticks very effectively and its effects still remain for 30 weeks and preventing re-infestation.
It doesn’t leave anything behind which actually makes fleas no place to hide. It reaches every hidden place, not only adults, but it also kills immature fleas and ticks. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your carpets or covers. Actually, it doesn’t stain and no sticky mess also no lingering odor. Without a doubt, you can easily use this water-based aerosol inside the house.

#7 – Zodiac Room Flea Fogger:

Zodiac Flea Bombs

Our next flea bombs are ZODIAC Room fogger which is more like other foggers that efficiently kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, mosquitoes, and other household insects like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish, etc. In addition, it can prevent them from re-infestation and its effectiveness stays up to 7 months.

The package net content is 9 oz which actually contains 3×3 oz cans. It can easily cover up to 1,125 square feet. Like other foggers, it doesn’t leave any lingering scent or sticky mess on floors after applying. The truth is ZODIAC fogger is an economic way to treat insects, a very quick, easy, and effective formula. Generally, the formula contains 0.09% of (S)-Methoprene, 0.58% of Permethrin, and 99.33% other ingredients which are actually made from pyrethrum flowers. One more thing, make sure to evacuate the fogging treated area for two hours after applying. There is some guidance at the label, how to use and precautions etc. You must check those before using them. You’ll get it with the packages.

#8 – Black Flag Flea Bombs

Black Flag Fogger and flea bombs

If you are looking for overall pest control fogger, don’t look so further. Black Flag is an absolutely safe and effective fogger that can eliminate or kill all types of household insects. Moreover, the fogger is ready-made and requires no mixing before use. It can kill fleas, ticks, black flies, gnats, deer flies, moths, mosquitoes including West Nile virus carriers.

Moreover, it can be used in burgess, repel, black flag, and cutter branded foggers. In addition, it leaves no odor after applying. This fogger actually not safe for children; therefore please keep your children out when treated. The fog stays not longer than 5 minutes. You can get inside after fog disappears quickly and it does not harm anyone after fog goes. The product is a 32ox of a gallon, so it might cover your whole house.

#9 – PT Alpine Flea Fogger:

PT alpine Flea bombs and fogger

Actually, the PT alpine solution is a proven killing formula that is only made to eliminate house flies and fleas. Moreover, you don’t need to mix this formula with any insecticides, it came with net weight 1 pound just ready to use. If you want to combine with others, then you can try with vector plasma or vector classic for decreasing flies’ population and better results.
More interesting about this fogger is that it has to bait properties that attract and bring flies into the baited area. In addition, the formula continues kills files for 30 days in nonporous areas.
PT alpine can be applied both indoors and outdoors areas like any commercial, residential, garages, and industrial building, etc. More like other solutions it leaves no lingering smell. Make sure you don’t apply in areas that are regularly cleaned or greasy.

#10 – Pyrethrum TR:

Pyrethrum TR Flea fogger or bombs

Pyrethrum TR is manufactured by Micro-Gen Research laboratories Inc. Like other foggers, the formula is ready to use which effectively kills and controls flea beetle, mites, fungus gnats, aphids, and whiteflies. Moreover, it can kill other secondary insects around your boundary. Actually, the formula contains active ingredients like 4% of pyrethrins and 16% of Piperonyl Butoxide and 80% of other ingredients.

If you are looking best flea bombs for your garden then, this is it! You can apply to grow crops like herbs, vegetables, ornamentals, and indoor garden plants, etc. In fact, the product net content is only 2 ounces, but it can release a sufficient amount of pyrethrin pesticides which can treat areas up to 3000 cubic feet. Lastly, make sure to read the label before applying.

9 Simple Step-by-Step Guides to operating Flea bombs inside House?

If you have a dog or cat, you may have had a problem with fleas, regardless of how careful you are to prevent them. If your home literally infested with fleas, then flea bombs may be the only realistic way to destroying them and their eggs.

Generally, It’s very easy to use. Although, there are some precautions to take action before applying flea bomb or flea fogger. Here 9 simple step by step guide to operating a flea bomb.

  • Step 1: It’s a good idea to purchase flea bomb or fogger as it sometimes called from a reputable store; should you require advice in addition to that given in the instructions, or if you discover that it isn’t working correctly. A recognized brand that may well provide its own support line is also advisable, as is checking that the product has not passed its sell-by date.
  • Step 2: It is important to purchase flea bombs that contain the active ingredient IRG. It kills the fleas before they reach reproductive age.
  • Step 3: Unless you are absolutely certain that there are no fleas in certain areas within your house, make sure you buy enough foggers to cover the whole house. This might not necessarily mean one for each room. A large room might require more than one.
  • Step 4: The insecticide which travels in the smoke from the bomb will get into almost every nook and crevice so remove or tape up cupboards, sideboards, and other storage. It might be a good idea though to remove large items such as sofas. To make sure that the carpet underneath area fully exposed.

Actions to Take

  • Step 5: Some products will not be in use around the kitchen or pantry or anywhere around food. In any event, First, you should remove all food, water, pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery, etc. Also, remove all your pet things such as their bedding, cage, or litter tray. And of course, remove all of them completely from the treated area.
  • Step 6: Set off the bomb as detailed in the user manual and make sure all windows and doors are closed, leave the area for the stated time period often for around two hours or more.
  • Step 7: Return to the room treated, open all windows and doors, and turn on any other ventilation you might have. Leave the area again for the recommended time period.
  • Step 8: Dispose of the product and clean all exposed surfaces, vacuum all carpets, and wash any linen that remained in the area during exposure. See the manufacturer’s guidance for details.
  • Step 9: If necessary repeat or supplement with other treatments such as with a topical spray or powder or flea collar for your pet.

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