Get rid of ants with natural ant killer

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Do you have an ant invasion? Rather than calling professional ant controller, you can try some organic method to kill ants by using natural ant killer. The Natural ant killer are often very effective and cheaper than the commercial ant killer and there is only simple easy process to follow to make natural ant killer.
Fighting with ants is something that sooner or later you have to destroy them all, and you’ll not see any ants in your boundary or houses. To destroy ant colonies you have to be prepare yourself because the number of invaded ants will be in millions.

There was a time I have been trying to kill ants around my house using some natural ant killer, and, I found some of the natural remedies that works well against ants. Before that I was tried most of the commercial ant killers. Those are also works great against them.

Step 1 – First follow their trail. First find out their colonies by following their trails, from where they are coming, and where they are going. If you find out a scout ant inside your house carrying foods, then you must follow that scout ant. Those scout ant carry those foods to their nests to feed their queen and other member of the colony. This way you’ll find their nests. After finding the nests now you can use ant killer against them.

If you didn’t find any ant trails to find their colonies, then you can try a simple step. Just put some “foods” around any single ant, after some time you’ll see a trails of ants carrying those foods to their nests.

Kill ants outside the house:

Once you find out ant colonies, use ant killer against them. Pour dry ant baits around their colonies. These ant baits are not kills ants on just contact, it is a slow killer. Ants will eat these ant bait and carry back to their colonies to feed other members of the colony and the queen. Ants try to digest these ant bait but they are not able to digest, so they died. As a result the ants will die due to indigestion. The ant baits are absorbent, so use them in dry sunny day. Also it is important keep them dry.

Kill ants inside the house:

The ant baits are good for the outdoor used, but most people don’t want to use them inside their house, because they are made with toxic chemicals. So, below I have mention some alternative method that you can try inside your home.
• Collect the following items – sugar, boric acid, cotton balls, jar and plastic container with a lid. In the jar dissolve 5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 cup hot water and 1 teaspoon boric acid.
• Immerse the cotton balls in the mixture and put into the plastic container. Put the lid on and make a bunch of holes in the top.
• Now you can use it in the area from where ants are entering your house. You’ll notice the so much reduction of ants inside your house.
You can make your own other natural ant killer such as corn meal, cayenne pepper etc. these are also works well against ants.

• Keep boric acid solution in some safe place, keep it away from children and pets.
• Don’t use them around your pets, if your pets lick those ant bait and may get poisoned.
TIPS: If you really want to get rid of ants in inside or outside your house, try using effective ant killer that are pet safe ant killer. These days the non-toxic ant killer are also available in the market, these are safe for pets and kids.