How to destroy the Carpenter Ants colony inside the House

In Northern US the carpenter ants are the most common household pests. To build their colonies inside the wood they seek out the moist woods. This way the carpenter ant help us to get rid of those rotten woods, rotten old stumps and decomposing fallen tree. By their natural habit, carpenter ants are most beneficial creatures.

However, their colonies of ants are makes their way to build nest in your house. When they found moisture woods, they just build their nest there. Inside your house they mostly build their nest inside the doors, window frames, basements, beds and so on. This is the most embarrassing one, when they damage your houses woods, and make a big holes in your window frames and basements. They could make a serious damage to your door by making big tunnel through woods and growing their colony.

If you’re unable to identify the carpenter ants then you’ll see a pile of excavated wood particles, there is a chance of finding carpenter ants infestation.

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To get rid of carpenter ants first you have to find their nests inside your house. To find carpenter ants nest in your home, first check all the places where there is chance of getting moisture woods. The carpenter ants are mostly work at night searching for foods, and carry their foods to their nest. Once you have found the nest, you can destroy their nest.

To destroy those carpenter ants colony you don’ have to use chemicals, they will kill by applying some natural ant killer or natural ant bait that contain boron compounds. If you don’t want to waste money on killing ants then you can use Borate. It is a naturally occurring elements on the earth.

When ants eat those borate their food digest ability is disrupted and cause them to death. Carpenter ants are carry those borate to their nest, where the queen of the carpenter ants also eats those borate. This way the borate will destroy the entire colony of carpenter ants.

For the prevention of future carpenter ants infestation, remove the moist woods and eliminate moisture condition, remove old lumber and logs from around your property.

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