How to find and kill Fire Ants

Over the years peoples have developed so many methods to kill fire ants in their yards. To stay safe from the fire ants attack, peoples are trying so many homemade procedures like pouring boiling water into the fire ants mounts and homemade chemicals mixtures used over the fire ants. However most of these techniques are not so effective to kill those fire ants mounts.


Killing the Fire Ant Queen

If you want to destroy the entire fire ants colony, you must kill the queen to get succeed. The homemade insecticides you’re using always fail to destroy the entire colony because you didn’t used it at the right place. You’re just putting those poisonous chemicals over the fire ant mount, this way the colony will never destroyed. First you have to find and infect the queen with those poisonous chemicals, then the colony will destroyed. The fire ants build their nest in a way to protect the queen. You’re pouring those poisonous chemicals will never get down to the queen.

To kill the fire ant queen, you have to come prepare with armed, so you can engage long time with fire ants until you’re infect the queen. But in that way you’re using those homemade chemicals they are not made to track downward to infect the queen. The homemade chemical mixtures are fast killers. In that way, the commercial fire ants killers are works good. These ant killers are slow killer, it takes time to spread all around the mounts to kill all the fire ants. Some of these chemicals are mixed with foods. So, the ants carry those foods mix chemicals to feed the queen, this way you can destroy the entire fire ant colonies.

TRY Safe Ant Killer

There are other methods like using boiling water, cayenne pepper and corn meals to kill fire ants. But it is not guaranteed that it may destroyed the colony. So use the perfect ant killers that works. As an editor I have experience of those ant killers, so I recommend you to use “Insect Killer Spray”. It kills entire colony, nothing left. It is also worked for other insects. You can use it in both indoors and outdoors. It is safe for peoples, pets and even plants.

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