9 Best Pet Safe Ice Melt

Are you looking for pet safe ice melt? If yes, then you are at the right page.

Choosing ice-melt is not that big decision. But it surely becomes one when your pet comes into the picture! Ice Melter is made up of chemicals that can cause severe irritation and allergic reactions to your pet. In fact, when swallowed, it can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Damage to Paws is another major issue every pet owner faces.

So, it’s your first priority to worry about your pet’s safety and choosing a good ice melt safe for your pets.

Well, you’ve got plenty of solution available in the market, that is safe for pets! But if you are confused to choose “Which brand should I go for?” or “Are they all 100% reliable?”

In this article, we have listed the 9 best pet safe ice melt based on their product rating and reviews. This list is a one-stop solution to your questions and problems. So, let’s move on to the list right away!

Dog playing on snow ice

9 Best Pet Safe Ice Melt Review

#1. Green Gobbler Ice Melter

Green Gobbler Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Natural Ice Melter
  • Works Instantly
  • Effective in conditions as low as -10 degree Fahrenheit
  • Pet-friendly
  • A small amount goes a long way

This pet-safe ice melter by Green Gobbler will melt both ice and snow at frigid temperatures (that might be as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit).

Actually, it’s a Magnesium Chloride based formula that is extracted from the dead seas (mainly of Israel). The presence of Magnesium Chloride makes it safer because it has a lower level of toxicity as compared to other chlorides like Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, or Calcium Chloride.

When used once, it ensures that re-freezing doesn’t occur at the same spot. Moreover, it generates heat exothermically over a short span of time which is enough to melt twice the ice melted by rock salt at 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, you can use it easily in ice spreaders owing to its small, round and pellet-shaped structure. And without a doubt its a natural and non-corrosive product.

If possible, try to apply at the beginning of a snowstorm. Also, you can spread the pellets evenly over the desired area or can also use spreader equipment.

#2. Natural Rapport Pet Safe Ice Melter

Natural Rapport Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Easy to Use
  • Value for Money
  • Safe for Concrete, Metal, and Wood
  • Lasts 3X times longer
  • Works Instantly
  • Pet friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Hygroscopic

The Natural Rapport is an eco-friendly formula that works faster as compared to other ice-melters and lasts 3X times longer.

Mostly, it prevents re-freezing on footpaths, walkways, or patios. Also, along with its long-lasting feature, it promises to provide 25% more ice melt as compared to other ice melters.

Moreover, it does not corrode concrete, metal, or wood, thereby reducing the rate of corrosion almost up to 75%! Apart from these, it is also safer for vegetation like lawns, trees, grass because its non-hygroscopic formula is made up of biodegradable soil supporting compounds.

The good part is that its green-colored crystals do not stick to each other and hence are easy-to-use. Most importantly, it’s a completely safe ice melt for pets.

Simply, apply a thin layer of the product uniformly over the sideway or footpath. In case of excess accumulation, remove the ice first and then apply the ice melter.

#3. Safe Paw Ice Melter

Safe Paw Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Starts working within 10 minutes of application
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Longer shelf life
  • Pet friendly
  • Non-corrosive
  • Circular structure helps in easy penetration into snow thereby preventing re-freezing

The Safe Paw pet-friendly ice melter is a non-corrosive and non-conductive formulation that doesn’t harm your pets, children, or property.

Since it’s a 100% salt-free, so it is safe for your pet’s eyes, paws, and skin. Without any worrying, you can use this completely safe ice melt for pets.

As well, this non-toxic and biodegradable melt at temperatures like -2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously, it has a long shelf life with maximum effectiveness in different seasons.

Additionally, its circular structure helps in easy penetration within the ice or snow and prevents water molecules to refreeze into ice crystals.

Directly apply to the targeted area and in case of excessive snow, remove it first, and then go for the application.

#4. Branch Creek Entry Ice Melter

Branch Creek Entry Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Easy to Use
  • Good for plants
  • Pet friendly
  • Available in both spray or granular form
  • Unlimited Shelf life
  • Residue-free formula
  • Neutral pH
  • Clear liquid to prevent abrasive effects due to granular ice
  • Chloride-free
  • Safe for concrete and metals

The ENTRY ice melter is a chloride-free formulation with a never-ending shelf life. As soon as applied, it melt the ice within 30 seconds and prevents further re-icing when the temperature falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Actually, its residue-free formula helps you to escape the hassle of cleaning the leftovers after the ice has melted completely. Also, the liquid formulation helps in eliminating the abrasive effect that the granular ice leaves on floorings upon melting.

In fact, it has a neutral pH that doesn’t harm the delicate floorings of hardwood or tile. Quantity-wise, an amount of half galloon is sufficient to melt 50 pounds of ice.

Before application, try to remove as much as ice as possible. Use Entry sprayer or any other sprayer as well as a vertical fan tip nozzle as per your choice.

#5. ECOS Pet Safe Ice Melt

ECOS Pet Safe Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made up of cruelty-free ingredients
  • Contains magnesium chloride instead of sodium chloride
  • Gentle on pet’s paw and people’s hands
  • Safe and less irritating

Well, this earth-friendly ice melter by ECOS is made in the USA and it uses renewable and natural ingredients.

Since its a plant-based cleaner so, it is the safest ice melt for pets, less irritating, and gives more effective melting.

Actually the least temperature at which it starts its working is -13 degree Fahrenheit.

And it’s a non-toxic cleaner since it contains magnesium chloride instead of sodium chloride as the hygroscopic substance.

Mostly, it comes in recyclable packaging.

Simply, sprinkle one-fourth to one-half cup of ice melt per square yard and shovel it off. In case the layer of ice is thick, reapply the product.

#6. Just For Ice Melter Pet Safe

Just For Pets Snow Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Chloride-Free
  • Salt-Free
  • Mostly, 2X times coverage than normal ice melters
  • Compatible with all kinds of spreaders
  • Easy to use
  • Pet and Child-friendly

Just For Pets Snow Ice Melter is free from any chloride, be it Magnesium, Calcium or Sodium.

And with 100% customer satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, this product claimed to be absolutely safe ice melt for pets, people, and floors.

Well, the pellets are so designed that they can be used with any kind of spreader including rotatory spreader.

Basically, these pellets generate instant heat on contact with ice or snow and work at low temperatures like -15 degrees Centigrade. As compared to normal rock salt melter, this one 2X time coverage.

Unlike the other products it works best on rugs, flooring, sideways, wood decks, parking lot, porches, stone, bricks, and patios.

First, remove any excess ice if present. And then spread the pellets evenly on the floor. After that, it’ll start working as soon as they get in contact with the snow.

#7. KEEP IT GREEN Snow Melter Pet Friendly


Key Specifications:

  • Easy to Use
  • Pet-friendly
  • No harm to vegetation
  • Contains Time-Release Fertilizer
  • Green Tint prevents wastage
  • Works on contact
  • Won’t leave any stain after use

If you are looking for the stain-free snow melter then this one by Keep It Green will be your good choice. Since it’s environment-friendly ice melt products completely safe for pets.

And, it is not only pet-friendly but also vegetation-friendly. So, you don’t need to worry about the effects of melting, since it won’t leave any stain or residue.

Normally when you see green-colored pellets is melting, you’ll know which area has been covered and which is not covered. Thus, it prevents the wastage of the product.

Unlike other ice melters that tend to destroy the vegetation, this one by KEEP IT GREEN will nurture your field because it is combined with a time-release fertilizer that will show its actions once all the ice has melted. In fact, it works exceptionally at low temperatures such as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

For best results, sprinkle it directly over the concerned area. No shoving is required.

#8. Greenecular Melt Safe Ice Melter

Greenecular Melt Safe Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Pet Friendly
  • Dual Action Formula (Melting and Coating)
  • Free from rock salt
  • Color-coded crystals
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use

If you are looking for an overall melting system then this Greenecular will meet all your ice melting needs!

First of all, it is portable and very easy to use. Most importantly it the safe ice melt for your pets.

Secondly, it’s a dual-action formula that includes melting the ice, and coating it with a non-slippery layer is a perfect All-In-One solution.

Thirdly, it is completely free from rock salt. Along with it also has the color-coded visibility that allows you to quickly scan the area and analyze which parts are treated well and which are not.

Well, this also ensures that your product is not wasted by re-applying it in the same area.

Simply, shake the bottle well before use.  And then take a generous amount to apply it on the surface where an ice coat is present.

After that, wait for some time and let it get absorbed. And then you’ll see that the ice will melt and a non-slippery surface will be there for you to walk on freely!

#9. Martha Stewart Ice Melter

Martha Stewart Ice Melter

Key Specifications:

  • Environment Friendly
  • Enhanced with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate)
  • Color-coated crystals
  • Safe for pets and vegetation
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Time-relaxing formula
  • Works fast and effectively
  • Provided with a refillable bucket, handle and scoop

Well, this one by Martha Stewart is also an environmental-friendly de-icing agent. Like above all ice melter, it is safe for your pets, vegetation, wood, and concrete.

Mostly, it contains Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) which enhances the melting properties and helps in providing instant results.

Along with its long-lasting and time-relax formula, you get overall superior traction control. Also, a refillable bucket, scoop, and color-coated crystals help you visually measure and check the right amount of product to use at a certain place.

Simply, pour some generous amount of formula over the ice coat. After that, just let it sit for a time to see the result.

What to Look for While Buying a Pet Safe Ice Melter?


The first thing to check when you’re going for a pet safe ice melt is what ingredients it is made up of. Therefore, too harsh chemicals may result in skin allergies, paw irritation, and maybe digestive tract problems too (if swallowed).

Checking only the label for the safety of your pet isn’t a good bet since there’re manufacturers who claim so but their products contain toxic chemicals that might harm your pets.

So what’s the solution here?

Most importantly, you can check the label for sure but don’t forget to double verify it with the list of ingredients on the back of the pack.

For instance, chlorides are blamed for dried out paws but companies still use them as a primary ingredient. So you need to check always!


Most importantly you should know whether it is in liquid or crystalline form, transparent or color-coded, biodegradable or non-biodegradable.

Generally, liquid ice-melter are more likely to mess up things and leave residues.

On the other hand, crystals would be a more convenient and residue-free solution.

Similarly, color-coded melters are a good option as compared to transparent ones since they won’t be wasted much. Likewise, biodegradable ones would not harm your pet whereas non-biodegradable ones can.


Another important factor while considering buying a pet safe ice melt is its cost.

However good the product may be, it all comes down to one thing – “Does this fit my budget?”

And if it doesn’t, there’s no point in considering it. Therefore, check your budget always.

Probably, this is the first thing you should do always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the crystals be dissolved in water and used as a spray?

A. Actually, crystals are more effective than liquid melters. And, we do not recommend you to try dissolving crystals in order to use them in liquid form

Q. Are they all 100% natural?

A. No, some of them contain chemicals but they’re surely safe for your pets.

Q. Can it be used before a storm is expected?

A. In case you want a melter for pre-application, go for granular ones. Because they’re more effective in that case.

Q. Will it harm my vegetation?

A. Generally none of them will harm your vegetation, field, or grass.

Q. Are there any chloride-free ice-melt?

A. Yes, there are chlorine-free options available. You can check the list and key specifications above for more details.

Q. Will the color-tainted crystals affect my dog’s paws?

A. In case it happens, it will get washed off by snow. Alternatively, you can clean your pet’s paw with tissue or towel since it would only be a coloration effect and no allergic reaction.

Q. Are they all really safe for pets?

A. Yes, all the products on our list are absolutely safe for your pets without any doubt.

Q. What if my pet swallows it?

A. Generally most of the products are non-toxic. So, in case if it happens, it won’t do any harm.

Our Top Pick from the 9 Pet Safe Ice Melt

Well, from the 9 pet-friendly ice melter products we’ve chosen Safe Paw Ice Melter as our top pick. The reasons why it is chosen are as follows:

Safe Paw Ice Melter
  • Easy to Use
  • 100% Pet and Children Safe
  • Safe for land, waterways, concrete and lawns
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not harm plant or vegetation
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Better Spread Rate
  • Non-Toxic if ingested

Bottom Line

For the moment with our list of ice melter products, we’ve guided you all the way from which product to use and how to use it. In fact, we’ve tried answering the frequently asked questions in the most precise way possible. We hope you’ll get the most out of this article and will go for the right ice melter that is safe for your pet and fits your budget.

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