7 Best Steamer to Kill Bed Bugs

Are you fed up with those bed bug infestations in your bedroom? Probably you’d be looking for all the possible ways to get rid of those bugs. Well, bed bug steamer is a good option if you want a safe and effective method for treating bed bugs with heat.

Well, why steaming?  Since steaming does not involve the use of any chemical products. So, it’s a good alternative to those toxic and chemical sprays, especially when we are talking about our bedrooms.

But, the question is! Does normal cleaning steamer kill bed bugs? Yes, it does.

But you’re not very well aware of cleaning steamers that can be used as heat treatment steamer for bed bugs. So, in this article, we reviewed 7 best bed bugs steamer based on customer reviews and ratings, which also does the cleaning job perfectly.

Check out the 7 Best Steamer for Bed Bugs

#1. Pur Steam Steamer

Pur Steam Steamer

Key Specifications:

  • Multipurpose Steamer
  • Fast warm-up time
  • All-Natural cleaning
  • Easy handling
  • Durable
  • Works on nearly all surfaces
  • Made of Premium Quality Components
  • Cleans hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Inbuilt safety feature

The Pur Steam is a multipurpose steamer that is made up of premium quality products.

First of all, it is both fast and effective in its working. Secondly, with an all-natural steam cleaning feature, it easily cleans grime, stains, and grease. Most importantly with this steamer, you can also get rid of bed bugs completely.

Also, you can use widely on a large number of surfaces without having to worry about any side effects. These surfaces include tiles, wood floorings, wood carpets, ceramics, wallpapers, and granite.

Generally, the warm-up time is 3-4 minute and its quick heating technology makes it work faster. Moreover, with the 9-piece accessory set, you can go on eliminating bugs from the most difficult-to-reach areas of your house.

Additionally, the 9.8 feet long cord facilitates easy holding and hence can be used conveniently for both indoor and outdoor infestation.

#2. SteamFast Natural Steamer

SteamFast Natural Steamer

Key Specifications:

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • 15 accessory items to enhance the detection of bugs
  • Large Capacity Tank
  • 45 minutes of continuous steam flow
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Kills 99.9% germs since the steam is sanitized
  • Excellent customer support by the manufacturer
  • Easy refilling

Our next one is SteamFast Steamer. Like many other steamers, it’s a portable and so easy-to-use steamer with a 15-feet long power cord and 6.5 feet long hose. Therefore, it can reach those hard places where bed bugs generally hide. Without a doubt, you can try this steamer to kill bed bugs.

Actually, the steam coming out is fully-sanitized and kills about 99.9% of germs. Also, its additional 15 accessory items enhance the cleaning and sanitizing job.

Unlike normal steamers that get exhausted fast, this one has a large capacity tank of about 48 ounces that goes on providing the steam for 45 minutes in continuation.

Mostly, the chemical-free deep cleaning works on eliminating grime, mold, grease, bugs, stains from surfaces like grills, autos, wood flooring, granite, laminates, and appliances.

#3. PureSteam Standing Steamer for Bed Bugs

PureSteam Standing Steamer for Bed Bugs

Key Specifications:

  • Fast heating (up to 45 seconds)
  • Removes wrinkles from clothes
  • Sanitizes and refreshes the fabrics
  • 60 minutes of continuous steam flow
  • Removable tank to facilitate easy and faster refilling
  • ETL Certified
  • Easy roll wheels for portability
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use

Well, this one PureSteam is a fast heating 1500-watt steamer. Apart from killing bed bugs, it also removes wrinkles from the clothing and sanitizes the fabrics, clothing beddings, upholstered furniture, delicates, and more.

Also, the quick heating system prepares the steamer to be used within 45 seconds of switching on. Similarly, the large water-holding capacity provides a continuous 60 minutes of steam flow. Moreover, the tank is also removable to facilitate easy refilling.

Actually, it comes with a hanger, and fabric brush comes along with the steamer that makes it easy and effective steaming for bed bugs. Above all, it is ETL Certified and hence safe to use around your pets and kids.

Since, the product has many good ratings, so you won’t regret with this steamer.

#4. McCulloch Steam Cleaner and Bed Bugs Steamer

McCulloch Steam Cleaner

Key Specifications:

  • Large Capacity tank (48 ounces)
  • 45 minutes of continuous steamer flow
  • Fast heating
  • 18 different accessories to enhance cleaning
  • Around 43 psi pressure
  • 15.7 feet long cord to reach difficult places
  • Multipurpose steamer
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Two years assured warranty

Well, if you are looking for all in one steam cleaner that gives you all your needs. Then, this steam cleaner by McCulloch you can choose from.

Generally, it comes with a large capacity tank (about 48 ounces) that gives continuous steamer flow for up to 45 minutes. Also, fast heating technology enables it to get heated up in just 8-9 minutes of starting up.

Along with 18 different accessories like a mop, scrub pads, nylon brushes, it focused on providing an overall new cleaning experience. Also, the 15.7 feet long power cord provides access to the most difficult places in your house.

Not to forget but the chemical-free deep cleaning uses hot pressure of about 43psi to remove grease, grime, stains from surfaces like a tiled floor, laminated wood flooring, ceramic flooring, and granite surface, etc.

Along with cleaning your house you can use this steamer to kill bed bugs completely.

#5. Sunbeam Handheld Steamer

Sunbeam Handheld Steamer

Key Specifications:

  • Portable and Compact
  • Heats up in less than 45 seconds
  • Unique stand-up design
  • Wide steam exit to give out more steam
  • 3-years warranty
  • Removes wrinkles from cloth
  • Steam-Trigger for constant steam flow
  • 15 minutes of continuous steam flow
  • Eliminates filthy odor

Well, our next one is Sunbeam steamer, a portable and compact steamer. In comparison with other steamers, it’s fast heating feature heats it up in less than 45 seconds with the provision of almost 15 minutes of continuous steam.

Mostly you can use this steamer to kills bed bugs but you can also sanitize the fabrics, mattresses, linen, and drapery. Moreover, it removes any filthy odor and focuses primarily on killing dust mites and bed bugs.

Also, the unique stand-up design makes the steamer stand on a flat surface and slide with ease. Alternatively, you can use it to press out tough wrinkles and also prevent dry clothes from wrinkling again.

Actually, the wide steam exit gives out more amount of heat so that it gets penetrated into the surface faster. At last, it comes with a reliable three-year warranty. Probably, you can try this one if you are looking for a single handheld portable steamer.

#6. COSTWAY Multipurpose Cleaner

COSTWAY Multipurpose Cleaner

Key Specifications:

  • Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to use
  • ETL Certified
  • 40 minutes of high-pressure steam cleaning
  • 18 versatile accessories for deep cleaning
  • Sanitize, sterilize and eliminates odor

The COSTWAY Cleaning Steamer is again a Multipurpose Cleaner with a unique and eye-catching design. Since it is equipped with 18 versatile accessories, it can be used for steaming both indoors and outdoors.

Apart from steaming, it also sterilizes, sanitizes, and eliminates odor from almost everywhere. Generally, it uses temperature as high as 226 degrees Fahrenheit to deeply clean your bedroom. As well, you can use this cleaning steamer to kill bed bugs completely.

Actually, it came so handy easy to use; you can move it easily anywhere because of its flexibility wheels.

I’m telling you won’t regret buying this steamer. Because it has many cool features like high temperature or over-heating control and other prominent features.

In fact, the inbuilt safety features automatically switch off the steamer in case there is no water in the steamer.

Moreover, this steamer is Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) certified. Above all, the 1.5L capacity water tank will provide 40 minutes constant high-pressure for continuous steam cleaning.

#7. PentaBeauty Steamer

PentaBeauty bed bug Steamer

Key Specifications:

  • Multipurpose Steamer
  • 9 Feet Long Power Cord to reach difficult places
  • 9 Pieces Accessory Set to enhance cleaning
  • Child Lock and Safety Lock
  • Continuous flow for up to 20 minutes
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Provides disinfection
  • High-Pressure Cleaning

Like the above one, this steamer by PentaBeauty is a multipurpose cleaner for both cleaning and disinfection. Mostly, it can be used to cleans and sanitizes the kitchen items, lawns, bedrooms, grills, and BBQs.

Also, you can steam on mattresses, fabrics, clothing, linen, and soft material. As well, it’s a good steamer to kill bed bugs.

You will surprise with 9 pieces of accessory set it comes with. Actually, you will get a jet nozzle, bent nozzle, nylon brush, and towel sleeve, window cleaning tool, funnels, and gun nozzle.

Normally, you can easily carry it from one place to another due to its lightweight and beautiful design.

Additionally, the 9 feet long power cord allows you to reach the most difficult places without any hassle. Obviously, the steamer is safe for your family and pet since it doesn’t use any chemical for killing bugs.

Mostly, the 12 oz water holding capacity provides continuous steamer flow for 20 minutes at the high power of 1050 watts. Also, you will like this feature, the additional child lock and safety cover provides a high level of protection that keeps it out from the reach of children.

How to use a Bed Bugs Steamer?

Before we tell you the procedure for using a bed bug steamer, let’s look at the precautions you must follow:

  • Read the user’s guide beforehand. Also, try to abide by the manufacturer’s advice.
  • Clean and damp the fabric, but do not wet it.
  • Always test on a small area to check if your fibers are getting affected due to the steam.
  • Steams are super hot at times and can cause serious burns. Do not let your children or pet come near it while you’re using it.
  • Use pin-point nozzles for cracks or difficult areas and wide jet nozzles for exposed surfaces.
  • Steamer kills only those bugs that come in contact with the steam (or heat). Make sure to use it thoroughly in the affected area.
  • Don’t let the temperature cross 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steps to using a Bed Bugs Steamer

  • Attach the nozzle (pin-point or wide-jet nozzle) to the steam wand.
  • Adjust the temperature to the range of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. (Below this temperature, bugs don’t die)
  • Use the steamer on the damp fabric or any other area where you think bed bugs might be hiding.
  • Switch on the fan to circulate the air in the bedroom. This will also dry up the damp fabric.
  • Follow the manual’s instructions about cooling the treated area.
  • Repeat the procedure if you feel some bed bugs are yet living.

What to Look for When Buying a Steamer for Bed Bugs?

Flow and Capacity

Well, no one wants to spend their entire day treating bed bug infestation. With a fast life nowadays, people want quick solutions to every problem. The same goes with the Bed Bug Steaming.

Most probably, you won’t go for a bed bug steamer that needs refilling every 15 minutes. A steamer with a continuous flow is generally preferred. In fact, if the problem is more severe, you can go for buying a professional bed bug steamer. It might be expensive but it will definitely solve your problem.

Heat and Pressure

Though the steamer is advised to be kept in the range of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit, you should consider buying s steamer that could go up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re looking for overall specifications, the bare minimum you should go for 40 PSI and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. These specs will ensure that the steamer is efficient enough to do the job.

Multipurpose Steamer

The market has the option of steamers along with wet/dry controls. This is generally useful for pre-cleaning and post-cleaning of the bed or areas after you’re over with steaming.

You can opt for this one to reduce the usage of multiple types of equipment.


You’ll find infinite options with customizations, in the market. But obviously, the cost of each of them would vary. You must figure out which one is suitable as per your budget.

Obviously, the one with too many features might be out of your budget and the one with a really low budget, might not be that efficient. Go for the ideal one as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are the water-tanks leakage proof?

A. Yes, the water tanks are leak-proof

Q. Can they all clean carpets and bathtubs?

A. Yes, you can easily clean carpet and bathtub using any one of them though many of them might require refilling a few times.

Q. Can I clean the grout between the tiles?

A. All of them are primarily for killing bugs and not for cleaning purposes. Therefore, you cannot clean the grout between the tiles.

Q. How effective are they in killing bedbugs?

A. They’re all 100% effective in killing bedbugs.

Q. Do they have a child safety lock?

A. Some of them have a child safety lock while others don’t have. You can check out the description of products to know further.

Q. Will the steam cause bruises?

A. Yes, most of them have a temperature range of 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit that can cause serious burns if you won’t take proper precautions.

Our Top Pick from the List of 7 Bed Bug Steaming Products

Well, your choices might be different depending on your requirement. But, from our experience, we pick is Pur Steam Multipurpose Steamer. And, we already mentioned what this steamer can do. For now, check out why we pick this product.

Pur Steam bed bugs Steamer
  • #1 Amazon’s Bestseller
  • Fast heating
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • All-surface cleaner
  • Easy Handling
  • Durable
  • Inbuilt Safety Feature
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Deep cleaning in hard-to-reach places
  • Made up of Premium Quality Imported Components


Bug Spray Safe for Pets and kids.


When we’re talking about steaming, it’s just hot water that kills the bed bugs that smoothly. Though all of them are completely safe, we still recommend going for the one that is both effective and fast. In this article, we’ve dealt with some of the best bed bug steamers and how to use them. They’re certainly the most popular one if we talk about the services and customization. Hopefully, you will get the best one and get rid of those nasty bugs now!