6 Best Grub Killer for Lawns and Gardens

Some bugs just don’t work on the outer surface of your grass or crop but rather dig down to the roots to destroy them. Yes, we’re talking about Grubs here! These silently-killing creatures target the most sensitive and important part of your grasses and destroy them. Apart from this, when grubs attack the lawns, soil loses its fertility, the lawn gets withered and the lavish green texture of your lawn fades away! Well, that time applying the best grub killer is the only option left to eliminate them.

Well, no worries if you are pondering over this problem for a long time. And, the market has got many products to fulfill your needs. But, you’re not sure which product is right as per your needs?

Therefore, we’re here to rescue you. Here, we bring a list of our 6 best grub killers for your lawns and gardens. After all, we can guarantee that you won’t get disappointed with these grub killer products. Without any further delay, let’s move on to the list.

6 Best Grub Killer for Gardens and Lawns

#1. Scotts Grub Killer for Garden & Lawn

Scotts Grub Killer for Garden & Lawn

The Scotts GrubEx is an ideal product for your lawn. Generally, it helps in preventing root damage caused by grubs or worms for a longer period of time (almost four months). Mostly, it kills the young grubs and prevents the damage to turf. When compared to original GrubEx, it aims at demolishing 25 percent more types of grubs. It works best on Japanese Beetles, White Grubs (including larva), Cranefly larva, Caterpillars, Armyworms, Cutworms, Billbug grubs, Asiatic Garden Beetles and many more other types of grubs and beetles. An amount of 28.7 pounds is sufficient to treat an area of 10,000 sq. ft. Claimed by the company; its annual usage can prevent infestations due to Japanese Beetles.

The best time to use this grub killer is either spring or early summer. In case of prevention against some specific grubs like European Crane Fly, apply it in fall (October to December) for best results. Apply it easily with a Wizz spreader or Scott’s handheld to kill those nasty grubs before they damage your good-green lawn!

#2. Bonide Grub killer for Lawns & Garden

Bonide Grub killer for Lawns & Garden

The Bonide not only focuses on eradicating grubs but also insects like tick, roach, ant, cricket, sod webworm, earwig, flea, European crane fly, and some other listed bugs and insects. Also, the manufacturer claimed that it starts killing them in 24 hours and the protection they provide lasts for almost three months. This is due to the Dual Protection Defense Formula which combines the action of Imidacloprid with the action of LambdaCyhalothrin. Therefore, it provides instant action and long-lasting prevention against grubs and insects. From the surface of the soil to its inner layers, it provides overall protection to all these layers.

As well as, it can be used in lawns, yards, around the boundary of your house but not indoors. Mostly, the granules should be distributed uniformly in the lawn with the help of a fertilizer spreader. Lightly water the area thereafter.

#3. BIO ADVANCED Grub Control

Bio Advanced Grub Control

This Grub Controller BioAdvanced is an advanced protection formula that prevents your lawn from grubs all season long and also revitalizes it! As a plus point, it increases the root mass of turf for ensuring the thickness and strength of the grasses. There is no specific time to use this product in your garden or lawns. You can literally use it anytime – be it spring, late summers or winters! It works best in killing mole crickets, European Crane Fly, White Grubs, Japanese Beetles, and in suppressing Chinch Bugs and Cutworms. A pack of 12 pounds treats an area of approx. 5,000 sq. ft.

On the pack, there is a detailed mention of how to use the product for a specific kind of grub or insect. Like, for killing only grubs, apply it anytime between May to mid-August. Similarly, for mole crickets, it is mid-May to mid-June and for European Crane flies, it is late summer to mid-fall.

#4. ST GABRIEL Grub and Pest Controller

ST GABRIEL Grub and Pest Controller

ST GABRIEL Grub and Pest Controller is a milky, spore-like, granular spreader mix. Most importantly, it is an organic product and claims to have at least 10 years guarantee when applied as directed on the pack. Unlike other grub killers, it provides protection against them for 15-20 consecutive years at most. Actually, with the use of a spreader, it can be applied at any time of the year, be it spring or fall. Moreover, it provides an overall coverage area of 7,000 Square Feet.

Also, it acts against Adult Beetle, Healthy Grub, Magnified Spores, and Grubs infected with Milky Spore. Specifically, it acts against Japanese Beetles (Also its Larvae). Simply, spread it at the concerned area in the lawn and water it lightly if possible to maintain the evenness.

#5. Bayer Dylox Grub Insecticide

Bayer Dylox Granular Insecticide

The Dylox 6.2 both kills and protects your lawn from Armyworms, Billbugs, Mole Crickets, Cutworms, Chinch bugs, White grubs, Webworms, and many others. Generally, it is composed of Trichlorfon (6%) and Dimethyl phosphonate (0.2%). And covering the range of 10,000 square feet, it can be used in and around golf courses, lawns, residential turf, shrubs, flowers, and even the boundary of the foundation of your house. Also, it provides a solution to the problem within 24 hours of application. Moreover, it is more effective than most curative grub killers. On contact, it instantly kills the grubs and provides long-lasting protection thereafter.

Though it can be just sprinkled in and around the targeted area (after converting granules into the powdered form). Additionally, if watered properly it can penetrate the soil surface up to 0.5 inches. Lastly, this would ensure faster assimilation and the best results.

#6. Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Killer for Garden

Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Control

This Bayer Advanced Grub Killer is a highly effective solution to the problem of grubs by providing 30% less weight, 50% more concentration, and the same great area coverage. Most importantly, it kills not only grubs but also effective against leafhoppers, millipedes, and billbugs, crickets, earwigs, ticks, scorpions, and other listed bugs. Generally, it contains Dylox, which shows instant action towards the grubs in less than 24 hours. As well only a pack of 20 pounds covers the same range of 10,000 square feet! Being an advanced version of Bayer Dylox Grub Insecticide, actually, it is composed of the same Trichlorfon and Dimethyl phosphonate.

Simply, sprinkling over and around the field and lawns is a good ideal way. But, slightly watering the area after application would give you the best results!

What to Consider Before Buying Best Grub Killer

Ingredients and Composition

The first and most important thing while buying a grub killer is to check for the ingredients. Some grub killers may include the active ingredient for combating against the beetle while some may only be a controller and might not kill them but will act as prevention in the future. The active ingredients (chemicals) for killing the grubs are Trichlorfon and Carbaryl. They kill all types of bugs in all the life stages. Another active ingredient present in the well-known pesticide GrubEx is Chlorantraniliprole. Generally, the ingredients and compositions are written on the right-hand side of the pack or on the back. Check for the ingredients and their formulation before making the purchase.

Insecticide versus Grub Killer/Controller

Another thing to ensure that the problem is really about grubs and you’re not trying to use any insecticide for that. In most of the European countries like Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsula, the problem of grubs is a burning issue. Henceforth, it is important to differentiate between a grub and a normal garden insect. Grubs are generally beetle larvae which are more prominent in North America. They don’t destroy the stem or other visible part of the plant or crop but they generally attack the turf or roots and make it weak to survive further. On the other hand, other insects can damage the leaves, stem, and other parts of the plan too.

Right amount of Product

Using too much or too little of the product may result in hyperactivity or hypo-activity. While both of the activities are harmful to your lawn, using just the right amount of product will surely produce the best results. So, how you’ll know the right amount of the product has to use? Most of the time, the label of the products lists the amount applying for a fixed area (Like 20 pounds for 10,000 square feet). These labels also mention the side effects of excessive use. Make sure you go through all of these points before considering any grub killer for purchase.

Usage Guidelines

Should the water the lawn after an application? Though some products may give the best results when you water the lawn after using some of them may show the opposite consequences. For example, if the grub killer is granular or in powdered form, watering the field after use will increase the assimilation and it will get absorbed easily. On the other hand, if that powder or granule is insoluble in water, it will surely work the opposite way!

Grub Killer versus Grub Controller

Most importantly, the difference that every customer should be aware of is Grub Killer versus Grub Controller. Grub Killer is the product that you must consider buying when you’re actually facing the problem of grubs in your lawn while the Grub Controller/Preventer should be used when you want to be safe from the grubs in near future. Frankly, Grub Controller works better than Grub Killers in all aspects but we can’t deny the fact that a Grub Killer is the ultimate solution when your lawn is filled up with those tiny beetle larvae!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q. Are they all pet friendly?

They are not safe to use around pets or children. It is advised to keep them away for about 24-48 hours after application.

Q. Are they all water soluble? Can I sprinkle water in my field after use?

All of them are water soluble except Scotts Grub Killer. Make sure not to use water if you consider buying that.

Q. What is the best time of the year to apply them?

You can go through the description of each product. We’ve mentioned the best time to use all the above listed products individually.

Q. Can I spread it with my hands?

It is generally not advisable to use the product with bare hands. You can go for disposable plastic gloves.

Q. Will it harm my flowers and bushes?

It will not harm your flowers or bushes. In fact, it won’t harm anything except grubs.

Q. Can I use them in my vegetable farm?

Yes, you can use them in your vegetable farm but make sure the product does not reach the roots of edible crops.

Our Top Pick from the List of Grub Killer Products

Well, all our products in the above list are already best-sorted but still, we’ve come up with our top pick from our list of products and that is Scotts Grub Killer. The reasons for selecting it as our top pick are as follows:

Key Specification:
  • Easy to spread
  • Trustworthy
  • Not only kills Grubs but also some bad-lawn bugs!
  • Long-lasting protection (4 months)
  • A pack of 28 pounds covers 10,000 square feet
  • Protection against Japanese Beetles
  • Eradicates 25% more grubs as compared to Grub Ex
  • Worth the price
Scotts GrubEx for Garden & Lawn

Bottom Line

No one likes a guest who causes more harm than good. Grubs are the same. They are a great destroyer to your fields and crops. Therefore, choosing the best grub killer should be an essential step when it comes to maintaining your field and crops.

Just don’t wait for the grubs to invade your lawn. Go for a Grub Preventer beforehand. In case they’ve already started residing in your lawn, Grub Killer is your ultimate choice. Make sure you utilize our buying guide properly while looking for a suitable Grub Killer.

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