Pest Control Traps – Mouse Traps, Ant Traps, Roach Traps

If you are reading this article, probably your home is already invaded by an unwelcome guest. Pest control traps only the best way to stop them. 

In the United States, it’s common for all the people having pests inside the house. Whether its summer or winter season, these little nuisances invade your house anyway.

Most common pest like mice, rats, birds, bats, squirrels, roaches, ants, termites, flies, and other insects, they find a way to enter the house through any holes or cracks. And you know how harmful they are, spreading diseases among family members. You don’t want to get sick or infected by that annoyance pest. So, how to get rid of these harmful pests?

In this article covered up with pest control and prevention steps and guides. Also check out some pest control traps that might help you to control mice, rats, ants, roaches, flies, bed bugs and rodents, etc.


Whether its summer or winter, pests can easily find its way to invade your house.

Actually, you didn’t know which kind of pests are more likely to invade the house in summer periods?

Well, most active pests such as carpenter ants, termites, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, mice, rats, flies, hornets, bees, wasps and bed bugs are mostly invading your home in summer days. As well in the winter season, you might see mice, rats, roaches, spiders, silverfish, and bed bugs are active.

Once they gain access, perhaps sometimes it’s difficult to eliminate them, but not impossible.

Here are some pest control traps that you can apply to get rid of mice, rats, ants, roaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other household insects.

Mice and Rats – Pest Control Trap

Peanut Butter Traps – Traditional pest control traps
Peanut butter traps are one of my best homemade mouse trap that I used mostly when I see a bunch of mice or rats hanging around my home. Looks for videos on YouTube on how to set up a peanut butter trap yourself. The trap usually not kill them but it will trap them until you dispose of them far away from your areas.

Killer or Poison Bait
Mice and Rat killer or poison are very effective against them, but also harmful for us and pets. I hardly ever using rat poison in the kitchen when pets are not around. Ask for pet-friendly rat poison from your local pest control experts, they most probably have it.

Victor mouse control trap

Killer Traps
Mostly, people like to have fun hunting rats and mice. A rat killer traps are the best way to hunt them. Normally, killer traps are meant to kill the pests and very easy to use. Just set the traps at each entry point and wait for it. Now you are a professional rat hunter. Check out some of the best mice and rat traps at AMAZON.

Catcha Mouse live pest control traps

Live Traps
Live traps are generally a cage to trap the mice or rats alive. If you are thinking not to kill then live traps are best selections for you, so you can release them back into the wild. Just make sure that you don’t release near the house you just caught them in. They will find their way right back to the house.


To get rid of roaches, first, examine the places and areas where possibilities of roach infestation site. You could use a flashlight to find the roach hiding places like under the sink, under the bed, behind refrigerators, gaps in cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, and door corners.

cockroach bait arena

After discovering the roach hiding spots bait them or kill them with Boric Acid, and roach bait gel.

For major infestation of roaches like dozen or more, you should call professional roach exterminator. They will sure eliminate them completely in weeks.

Most of the people use harmful roach killer sprays around the house. Generally, these chemicals harm your pets and children. Therefore, it’s advised to use only organic child and pet safe roach killer sprays.


The best way to eliminate ants is by applying ant bait or ant killer against them. You can either use ant bait or ant sprays in the house or pesticides outside the house. Also, you can try natural methods to kill ants.

terro ant killer bait - pest control trap

Ant Bait Gel:
Ants are the most common enemy of the house. Usually, I use to kill them with Terro Ant Bait killer for major infestation. Generally, it takes little a while to kill them all, but very effective and destroys the entire colonies.

Indoor Ant Sprays:

Ecosmart ant and roach killer spray

Seeing any ant trails in the house? Treating them with pest control ant sprays is the best way to eliminate them.

Some of these sprays effective inside and safe for us and pets. If you have pets and kids in your home, it is recommended to use non-toxic pet safe ant spray.

Outdoor Pesticides:
As well as outdoors, you could apply pesticides to destroy ant infestation and anthills. Talstar Pro spray works best against ants at outdoors also safe around pets.


Before eliminating bed bugs, first, we need to find the sign of infestation before it spreads in the house. After that try both chemical and non-chemical approaches. It takes time to control bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Sprays:

Generally, treat them with bed bug sprays for minor infestation. Which is less costly than I ever expected.

Professional Pest Control Experts:  For major infestation what you can do? CALL professional exterminators. They will eliminate them completely in weeks.

Also Checkout some pet safe bug killer sprays

Household Insects Control

Insecticides are the most effective way to get rid of household insects, like flies, mosquitoes, spiders, etc. However, it really depends on you to use it or not in the house. Most of the pesticides are toxic, therefore alert your family members that you’re going to use pesticides.

Interior Pesticides: Spraying pesticides around the corners and entry points could do the job perfectly.

Exterior pesticides: Talstar Pro and Suspend SC insecticides are works well against ants, fleas, ticks, roaches at outdoors,

Other options: You could use a pests repellent at home if you don’t want to use any chemicals or pesticides indoors. There are some great ultrasonic pest repellent is available in online stores.

Birds and Bats Control Traps

Well, sometimes birds and bats are also an annoyance for some peoples. They can also bring some serious diseases among peoples, therefore it has to be the first priority to get rid of them. Seal up every entry point, it will actually trap them inside or stop them to get inside. If they trap inside, try to catch them and release them back to the outdoors. Either you will see they die inside the home due to lack of food and water, create a bad smell for weeks.

TIPS: Keep the bird feeder away from the residential areas.

Squirrels –Rodent Control Traps

Squirrels are not actually harmful to humans, but they may invade your home for food and done mess in the kitchen. You may try the following tips once they get access to the home.

Rodent Pest Control Trap
Squirrel Live Trap

Keep doors and windows open, so they can leave on their own. Chase them out to the exit point if they don’t leave on their own. If they still inside the house. Trap them alive and release them far away from the house.

TIPS: Seal up every possible point of entry after the squirrel is gone.

Pest control traps that you can try

Best Mouse and Rat Control Traps, Baits, Live Traps

Motomco Rat bait

MOTOMCO Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait/Poison:

It is advised to read the label or instructions before use it. Tomcat mouse bait is not safe for pets and peoples. Just be sure to keep it stay away from the kids and pets. It is very effective against mice and rats. Check reviews for this product at

Kat Sense Mouse Traps

Kat Sense Traps (Mice, Rats, and Small Rodents):

Kat Sense Traps is one of the best pest control traps to kill mice, rats, squirrels, and same-sized nuisance pests. It kills rats and mice for the very first time, slight touch just needs to release the killer bar. Easy to use, learn how to use. It comes with a 6 in a pack, Reusable and Durable.

Kat Sense Live TrapsLive traps are the best solutions for mice and rats. It traps the pests alive, no messy killing. It is highly recommended if you don’t want to kill the pest, wants to catch them alive.

  • Pet safe mouse trap: It is completely safe around pets and kids. No mess around the house. suitable for use inside the home.
  • Very simple to use: Just set bait inside the Catcha live trap. Once the mouse gets inside to eat the bait, the spring door closes automatically. And the mouse can’t get out until you open it up.
  • Reusable: It can be used again and again. After releasing the mouse, just clean it and set the trap again.

Best Ant Killer Bait & Spray

TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

Terro Ant Killer Bait: Terro is a highly recommended ant killer bait made with food base products combined with borax. It is very effective and designed to kill entire colonies. The bait allows worker ants to consume as much they can also carry it to the colony to feed other ants including queen ants. The bait takes time to take effect but it completely kills the entire ant colonies. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors which is completely safe for pets.

Eco SMART Home Pest Control Spray (for ants and roaches):  Eco smart is an organic pest control spray that is very effective against ants and roaches, Safe around Pets and kids. Made with natural ingredients like peppermint oil and Rosemary oil.

Ecosmart ant and roach killer spray


Advion Cockroach Killer Bait: Advion is a highly recommended roach killer bait. Highly active and effective against all different species of roaches. Easy to use, simply place the bait inside the cockroach bait arena and wait for it. You can kill the entire infestation with Advion Roach bait gel.


Talsar Pro pest control product

Talstar Pro 96 ounce (3/4 gallon): If your house invaded by various types of pests like ants, mosquitoes, roaches, flies, spiders, fleas and ticks, etc.. Then this effective pest control product can save a lot of money at once. Talstar Pro all in one pest control spray can kill over 75 different types of pests. It can be used both inside and outside the home and completely safe around pets. Just make sure to read the instruction before using it.

Rodent Squirrel Traps

Rodent Traps

Squirrel Traps: Catch the squirrels alive with AB Pro-Quality pest control Trap and later release them into the wild, so they can never find the way back to the house. Easy and safe to use, safe around pets and children. Reliable and reusable.


One question may come into your mind; how to stop these pests invading the house?

For instance, you can take some steps or try pest control tips that you could follow if you really don’t want pests around your home.

Meanwhile, you can try these steps before the spring season coming.

Or else you’ll see ants already making trails to your kitchens. Here are the pest prevention tips:

#1. Fix leaks, clean standing water

Find and fix any all interior, exterior or rooftop leaks, and cracks. Check pipes, faucets, sinks, etc. are not leaking.

Timely clean the drainage’s properly. Make sure water flows. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects are attracted to water sources.

#2. Seal your home – tighten seal on doors, windows

Seal and caulk all the cracks and holes in doors, windows or any gaps. These cracks and holes are an entryway for pests. Carpenter ants and cockroaches are often entering through doors, under windows frames, plumbing pipes, sink pipes, etc.

Tips: Use compound cement or caulk to fill the cracks, holes, and gaps.

#3. Keep foods where it belongs

Common pests like Ants, Flies, Cockroaches, Mice or other household insects are attracted to food sources. Your everyday items are actually active sources of attracting insects in your areas.
What best you can do? Keep the foods where it actually stored. Make sure that there is no sign of any food sources here and there in the kitchen or in any other room.

Not only indoors also at outdoors, clean the yards and gardens, also make sure to keep the food sources away from yards and gardens.


  • Always keep foods in tightly sealed containers.
  • In addition, throw the garbage trashes at least 100 feet away from your house and regularly removes them.
  • Keep the pet foods in a secured container.

#4. Clean up every mess!

You should always keep an eye on where your pets and kids have done mess with foods around your home. Clean that up immediately.

Most importantly, always keep your yards clean and make sure there is no yard debris.

Garden leaves and branches attract insects, especially carpenter ants, ticks, and other biting insects.

Tips: Keep maintaining your yards and lawns regularly. Clean up your basements, garages, under decks, porches and behind shutters.

NOTE: The dark places, if left unchecked, it may become pests den.

Treat the perimeter of your home

Spraying insecticides around your yards, lawns, and gardens on a weekly basis will stop insects like to invade your perimeter. Insecticides are a good line of defense against ants, beetles, bugs, and other disturbing pests. Check 6 best lawn and garden grub control products.

Tips: Consider fencing your yards, lawns, and gardens.


I strongly recommend not to use any pest control product that is harmful to pets and peoples. Always try to solve the problem safely. I hope this article helps you to solve problems with pests.

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