8 Best Pet Safe Fertilizer for Lawn and Garden

If you are Looking for best pet safe fertilizer for yard, lawn, garden then you are in right place to find our 8 Best Fertilizer.

Dog playing on lawns

Your pet is your responsibility. You’re required to keep them safe not only indoors but also outdoors. When talking about outdoors, the lawn they walk on is the foremost thing that should be kept safe for them. On the other hand, nourishing your lawn is something that you can’t miss at any cost. In fact, fertilizers are essential components to keep your lawn lavish and green nowadays. Moreover, they serve as a catalyst in the growth of trees or grasses so obviously you can’t afford to skip them.

Clearly artificial fertilizers are important but let’s not forget that they contain many toxic chemicals.

Some of them are so harmful that their label states to stay away for at least 24 hours after application. In the worst case, if your pet accidentally comes in contact with the toxic fertilizer, it may result in paw’s infection, swelling, irritation, and many other allergic reactions. The condition may get worse if your pet ingests it. Diarrhea, vomiting, seizures might be the symptoms of chemical poisoning in the latter case.

So what’s the solution? Obviously you should opt for a pet friendly fertilizer. But with so many options available, how would you decide which one to choose? Probably many of them would be labeled as per-safe but not all of them would be that effective. So, we’ve compiled the list of 8 best pet friendly fertilizers for lawn and gardens to prevent you from making any wrong choice for your pets! And here goes the list:

8 Best Pet Safe Fertilizers

#1. Pet and Kid Safe Lawn Fertilizer

Pet Safe Fertilizer for lawn, garden, yard

Key Specifications:

  • Pet and Children Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Coverage of about 5,000 square feet
  • Dust-Free
  • Eliminates irritating odors
  • Removes any unwanted stain or spot
  • Dissolves quickly in water
  • Safe to walk on after application

This lawn fertilizer by Pet and Safe is a simple, easy-to-use formula that is safe for both pets and kids. With coverage of about 5,000 square feet, it easily gets dissolved in water facilitating easy absorption by the roots.

It creates a lavish, thick green lawn with the help of its advanced technology that is safe to walk on immediately after being watered. Unlike usual fertilizers, it is dust-free and successfully eliminates any irritating odor as promised.

Apart from working on the natural growth of grasses, it also cleanses any stain or spot created by your pet while peeing or pooping.

To use, you just need to apply and water it! Thereafter, you’re all set to walk freely in your yard.

#2. Espoma Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Espoma Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Key Specifications:

  • Natural and Non-Toxic
  • Granulated Structures
  • Non-allergic
  • Phosphorous-rich content
  • Long-lasting
  • Contains bio-tone microbes
  • Works on both root and shoot system
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for Pets and Children

This premium lawn fertilizer by Espoma is an ideal choice when you want to cultivate new lawns from seedlings or sod. It contains proprietary organic bio-tone microorganisms that promote the growth of new thick grass.

Due to the presence of phosphorous rich content, it also helps in strengthening the root system along with the shoot system.

Unlike other fertilizers that need to be applied on a regular basis, this one breaks down into smaller modules to provide a long-lasting food reservoir for the entire season.

Moreover, it is natural as well as organic fertilizer that does not cause any allergic or burning sensation when brought in direct contact.

Spread it all over your lawn and water it. The granulated pieces will easily get dissolved in water and facilitate absorption.

#3. GreenView Natural Lawn Fertilizer

GreenView Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Key Specifications:

  • Natural and Organic
  • Pet and Children Safe
  • Lawn Restoration Formula
  • Fast-acting
  • Reduces damage due to seasonal changes
  • Contains 70% nitrogen-releasing formula
  • Can be applied any time of the year (Spring, Fall, Winter)

This one by GreenView is a lawn restoration formula that works on reviving dead or tired lawns. There is no specific season to use it. You can apply it any time of the season, be it summer, spring or fall.

This natural base fertilizer with about 70% of slow-release nitrogen is both safe for children and pets when used as directed on the label.

Since it is rich in organic nutrients, it promotes increased root growth thereby giving a second chance to your lawn!

Its fast-acting repair and renewal formulation also reduces damages caused by drought, heat, and cold. Also, it can be used on any grass type without any difficulty!

To get quickest results, apply and water the lawn. Lawn stress will start reducing in one to two weeks. You’ll see visual improvement in lawn structure within four to six weeks.

#4. Dr. Earth Herb Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Herb Fertilizer

Key Specifications:

  • Non-GMO Verified (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Free from any toxic chemicals
  • Plant-based Formulation
  • Certified by institutes like CCOF, OMRI, and OIM
  • 100% Organic
  • Enriched with nutrients and essential minerals
  • Easy to use

This one by Dr. Earth is a USA-based non-GMO verified fertilizer. It is free from any toxic chemicals, GMOs, and synthetic fertilizers.

Moreover, this plant-based fertilizer human acids, proteins, essential minerals, carbohydrates, and multi-minerals that promotes soil fertility, which in turn helps in growing healthiest crops for your entire family.

Also, it is made from human and feed-grade ingredients. Reliable certifications from Institutes like Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Organic Input Materials (OIM) supports its highest level of purity and transparency. In fact, it was specially formulated to cultivate home-grown crops.

Applying instructions are different for different crops. Consider the label for further detailed instructions.

#5. Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer Safe for Pets

Jobe’s Organic pet friendly Fertilizer

Key Specifications:

  • Organic
  • Microorganism-based
  • Contains Jobe’s Biozome
  • Available in granulated, water-soluble or fertilizer spike form
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • Listed for Organic Gardening by OMRI and USDA
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for pets and children

This organic fertilizer by Jobe’s is a microorganism-based product that breaks into smaller particles to ensure faster results.

Due to the presence of Jobe’s Biozome, it helps in resisting unfavorable conditions like drought, rain, pest’s infestation during the growing season.

This granulated fertilizer is listed for Organic Gardening by USDA and OMRI. The blend of beneficial organisms like Archae and Mycorrhizal fungi delivers long-lasting benefits without using any toxic chemicals.

These organisms establish a two-way relationship with the plant by providing essential minerals to them and in turn absorb water and nutrients from them for self-survival. Moreover, it is also available in water-soluble form and fertilizer spike.

It is basically used for plantation of new seedlings. Before plantation, prepare the soil by mixing an adequate amount of Jobe’s Fertilizer (1.5 tablespoons for a 2-inch plant). Plant the seed or sapling. Apply it every 4-6 weeks for best results.

#6. Just Scentsational Soil Conditioning Granules

Just Scentsational Soil Conditioning Granules

Key Specifications:

  • OMRI rated
  • 100% Organic
  • Natural
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Uses microbial concentrate
  • Easy to use

This is an OMRI rated, all-natural, and 100% organic soil enhancer. It works to reduce the need for toxic chemical fertilizers while good properties like sugar content, earthworm population, and anti-oxidant properties still remain intact.

The use of microbial concentrate reduces the need for fertilizers but maintains plant growth by exchanging cations in soil. This granulated conditioner comes with a shaker jug for easy application.

Spread the granules evenly on the lawn using the shaker jug and water them. Granules will get dissolved and absorbed in the soil.

#7. Pro Products Liquid Fertilizer

Pro Products Liquid Fertilizer

Key Specifications:

  • 100% Natural
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Prevention against pests and insects for up to 5 days
  • Easy to use
  • No burning or harmful effects
  • Nitrogen-Replenishing Property

This one by Pro Products is an All-Natural Insect Repellent as well as liquid fertilizer. The Natural Shield Formulation creates a barrier around the farm for up to 5 days. This barrier protects the lawn from pests and “bad” insects.

Basically, it works against insects like cockroaches, silverfish, gnats, fire ants, centipedes, and other crawling or flying insects. Also, the Green Maintenance Formula works on providing a thicker, lavishing, and greener lawn without causing any burning or harmful effects.

It is in liquid form so it can be directly applied with the help of sprinklers, hose sprayers, or boom sprayers. No need to water the field after application.

#8. Just Scentsational Fertilizer Spray

Just Scentsational Fertilizer Spray

Key Specifications:

  • 100% fish organic
  • Microbial production facilitates stronger root and shoot system
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Performs the work of insecticide and pesticide
  • Easy to use
  • Preserves beneficial worms (earthworms)
  • Economical

This one by Just Scentastional is a fertilizer spray that is 100% fish organic and is made for providing concentrated and high energy nutrients for the cultivation of better lawns. The presence of microbes reduces the need for using an insecticide or pesticide.

Also, microbial production facilitates stronger root and shoot system. Moreover, the advanced formula cuts down toxic chemicals but increases the population of beneficial worms like earthworms.

To use, mix 4 to 6oz per gallon of water and distribute it uniformly in the lawn using the easy-to-pour jug.

What to look for when buying a Pet Safe Fertilizer?

Know the Ingredients

While some fertilizers contain only essential plant-based nutrients, some others may also contain weed-killers, crabgrass protection, or herbicides.

As such no specific care is needed for the former category but the latter ones require special handling techniques and attention. You should always check the label for such specific fertilizers.

Organic or Natural does not mean Pet Friendly Fertilizer

Organic or natural fertilizers are just derived from plants or microbes. It surely does not mean that they are less harmful than artificial ones or “safe for pets”.

In case you handle any natural or organic product carelessly, it might result in serious health hazards to both pets and children. Therefore label instructions are a must to go through before actually buying the product. Also, it is important to check for the “pet safe” label on the fertilizer.

Check the re-entry time

Re-entry time is the period between the application of fertilizer and going back to the fertilizer. This is again a major factor when you are considering buying a pet safe product.

Though it is a good practice to keep your pets away for a certain time period (approx 2-3 hours) after the application of fertilizer, it is better to go for a fertilizer whose re-entry time is almost negligible.

For instance, granular fertilizers might take more time as compared to normal ones. So, try to understand the product and re-entry time accordingly before actually buying any product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the pets walk in the lawn just after application?

A. For some fertilizers, it is safe for your pet to start walking right after the application while it is harmful to others. You may read the description of each for further details.

Q. Are they really safe for pets?

A. Yes, all of them are 100% safe for both pets and children.

Q. Should I go for a granulated water-soluble one or a normal liquid one?

A. Granulated ones are preferred because they can be used in either way, unlike liquid ones which can be used only in one form.

Q. Are they all water-soluble?

A. Most of them are water-soluble since it provides more surface coverage after application. You can check the description for more details.

Q. Can it kill pests?

A. Most of them are for nourishing your lawn. But we also have some fertilizers which reduce damages due to seasonal changes and pest infestation.

Q. Are they all 100% natural?

A. Not all of them are 100% natural but they’re definitely pet safe fertilizer.

Q. Can I use them for my vegetable farms?

A. They are specifically for lawns and gardens and not vegetable farms. You should consider buying something that is more specific to “crops” and not seeds or saplings.

Our Top Pick from our list of Pet Friendly Fertilizer products

For the list of 8 Best Pet friendly Fertilizer for Lawns and Garden, our top pick is Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer. We chose it because of the following reasons:

Jobe’s Organic safe Fertilizer

  • Listed for Organic Gardening by OMRI and USDA
  • Contains Jobe’s Biozome
  • Easy to use with easy pour bag
  • Fast-acting
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Natural
  • Safe for pet and children
  • Available in the water-soluble mix, granulated form or fertilizer spike
  • Long-lasting
  • Expands water-absorbing capacity of roots
  • Helps in resisting garden diseases and pests infestation

Bottom Line

Safety is always important. Right precautions at the right time may prevent many unfortunate happenings. Ensuring that your pet is safe and sound and safeguarded from any such happenings is our utmost priority. We hope this article will help you get out of the dilemma of choosing the right pet safe fertilizer as per your needs. Thank you!