What kinds of ants can be resides inside your home

Having household pests in house is common problem for peoples but having ants in house is most annoying and embarrassing one. These ants in your home can damage your house carpentry, your foods or sometimes some peoples gets an allergic problem with these ants bite. Everybody knows one single bite of these ants is painful. Then just think, if you are on to a those thousands of painful ants, it may cause you to hospitalized. A weak person may cause to death. So it is better to know which types of ants are more dangerous.
What kinds of ants are residing in your home? In United States there are more than ten thousands species of ants are all over the place. So you have to know what kinds of ants are found inside your home and which one is the most dangerous to you.

Fire Ants: fire ants.jpg.838x0 q80 300x199 - What kinds of ants can be resides inside your homeIn United States the fire ants are commonly known for its painful sting. The name ‘fire’ is because of its painful sting which is similar to the pain after burn. These fire ants are easily identified by their copper brown head and darker abdomen body.

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The Fire ants build their nest in open areas such as pond shores, river banks, highway shoulders, and watered lawn. They mostly feeds seeds and young plants, and often kills small animals. Many other ants bite first then spray acids over the wounds, but these fire ants bites first in order to get a grip and then they sting with abdomen and inject a toxic called alkaloid venom. Their painful sting effects can cause you to emergency treatment or may be deadly to the sensitive people.
Carpenter Ants: carpenter sa 300x287 - What kinds of ants can be resides inside your homeThe carpenter ants are most common household pests that are found in the United States. The carpenter ants are residing both inside and outside the house. The carpenter ants are resides inside moist and decaying woods, to build their nests they chewed out the moist wood.
These carpentry ants can damage your house woods. If your house is builds with woods, then you must get rids of these carpentry ants. For getting rid of carpenter ants you have to find their nests. There are so many best ant killer is out in the market, try good one, we recommend you to use insect killer spray or borax. It is works on every bugs indoors or outdoors.
Odorous Ants: The Odorous ants are the most common ants found inside your house, looking for foods. These black and brown coloured ants collect foods that is near around their nests. Odorous ants mostly eats household foods, especially those foods that contain sugar, as well as eat dead insects also. Odorous ants basically build their nest near heat source or dry place inside or outside the house. Odorous ants left an odd smell like rancid acid after it crushed. They are more like to get inside your home after rains to collect honeydew.
Pavement Ants: The pavement ants are mostly found in the Northern areas of United States. Pavement ants are basically residing under the rocks. In the northern America pavement ants build their colonies in pavement. That’s why the name came after that. They are may get inside your house searching for foods, they’re also fond for sugar. Generally Pavement ants eats anything including seeds, insects, honey, meats and honeydew.
Argentine Ants: Argentine ants are among the most common house invaders that are found in United States. Usually argentine ants are build their nest outside, but they are also fond of sugar, so they mostly found inside your kitchen. They make trails of their colonies to bring their foods to the nests. Sometimes you don’t see them much inside your house, but in rainy season they invade your kitchen looking for foods, water and dry places to build their nest again. They are also called sugar ants.


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